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The Streets are filled with Thugs and Hooligans. Some out for there own gain, some maybe hired to keep your player at bay from reaching his destination.  Save your girlfriend? Save the presidents daughter? or maybe you just want to kick some ass! Hopefully this Tile Set will work nicely as a location for your project. :)

Inspired by games such as 'Double Dragon' and 'Streets of Rage' all brought to you in my usual 8bit fashion!

These assets have been created using a NES colour palette and keep within the limitations of a NES so you can create a genuine looking retro game.

Sheets available in the download can be tiled 8x8, 16x16 in 128x128 canvas, or a full sprite sheet.



Get this asset pack and 60 more for $60.00 USD
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NES RPG Market Street Files.zip 26 kB


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You are an amazing person! :D You take the time out of your day to create these assets for NES, GB, and SMS! I can tell you've put a lot of effort into these! Plus, you're giving them away to people for FREE! But you're kinda underrated. You deserve WAY more ratings, and comments, and followers!

5/5 Stars. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for your nice comments, it’s great to hear positive feedback like that, makes it all worth the while. I’m pleased you find my creations useful.:) I’m just a small fish in a very big sea just plodding along. stay tuned for lots more to come over the year.:)

I will! :)

Also, is it okay if I use this for an RPG that I'm making? I'll give credit, of course.


Of coarse! You can use my assets for whatever you like.;) no credit needed, but appreciated. :) All my assets are CC0 license public domain, so you can edit, modify, and do what you want to them. Drop a link to your project when ready, be cool to see assets in use. I’m always listening for suggestions, so if you think something would be good to add, then feedback Is always good. :)

Nice! Also, could you make them a bit bigger? The full creation. Because when I use them, they are too small and don't fit the full screen. Only half.

And could you make a tile set of a small town/city? If you have ever played or heard of EarthBound, (Mother 2 In Japan) you'd know that the main location in that game is Onett. A small town. Something like that would be nice. But it's just a suggestion.   :)