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Give chase and pursue your target vehicles or race under the cover of the cop's/police disguise to avoid being pulled over with the 'suped' up Police Car!

Maybe you could even race this car or have it as an unlockable reward vehicle

Create games like OutRun, Chase HQ or even Pole Position. Or maybe something else racing related, its up to you!

This asset has been created using a colour palette from a PAL model NES system and its colour limitations to provide you with graphics needed to create a genuine looking NES game. :)

If NES is not your thing, then that's cool.  What you have here is an 8 bit sprite, which is under a Public Domain license. So Modify, Edit, Build on it, do what ever you think will work best for your project! No permission or Credit needed, but of coarse, it's always appreciated. :)



BMP Files Coming soon!

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Tags2D, 8-Bit, car, cop, Driving, police, pseudo, race, touring


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Any chance we get more sprites for this racing style. ?

Like streets and props?


Eventually yes. Just a slow process at the moment with theses sprites i'm afraid as i am focused on other assets. :)

Thank you for replying