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A highly contagious virus has plagued the world causing a global pandemic...

Governments across the nations have ordered every citizen to stay in their home to help stop the spread until a vaccine can be found...

With Police forces stretched, Gangs have taken control,  looting & kidnapping those they can help fight the virus and save lives.

These gangs are under the control of one man.... Dr S, evil crime lord and head of the pharmaceutical giant 'Raincoat'.

He will stop at nothing to be the first to create a vaccine. Should he succeed he will hold the world to ransom.

One man has vowed to stop Dr S's plans. An ex marine who's known as 'nineteen'. And with the help of his trusted friend 'cheddar', a retired charter pilot, they will risk it all, when everybody should be on Lockdown.


Arrow Keys: move Up, Down, Left & Right.

X Key: Perform Jump

Z Key: Perform 'light punch' - repeatedly pressing Z Key will perform a 'flurry' of  moves if the first punch lands an enemy. Light Punch, Hard Punch, Light Kick, Hard Kick and finally an Uppercut. This will also pick items that are on the floor.

X Key then Z Key: Perform a Jump Kick

Z Key held: If you have a 'Beacon' item you will drop it and a 'Care Crate' will be dropped to you from 'Cheddar'.


Toilet roll: Stolen from a 'Looter', collect these to earn extra points.

Sanitizer: Stolen from a 'Looter', collect to earn extra points.

Tazer: Dropped off in a 'Care Crate' or from disarmed enemy's. Use to 'taze' enemy's.

Hearts: Droppped off in a 'Care Crate', these will increase your Health.


Save the Health care workers. The more Dr S has at his facility the quicker he is likely to create a vaccine.

There will be bugs at this early stage, hopefully not to much that will spoil the experience.  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. :)

This short  demo was made during the OpenGameArt 'Spring' Game Jam and features game assets available from opengameart.org which are credited below. 


8 bit chip tune ' Lost in hyperspace' by Shiru8bit


license CC by 3.0

8 bit chip tune 'Megamix' by Shiru8bit


license CC by 3.0

8 bit chip tune ' Run under Fire' by Shiru8bit


license CC by 3.0

NES 8 bit sound effects by Shiru8bit


license CC0 


Sonic font by asalga


License CC by SA 3.0


Warped City by Ansimuz


license CC0

Market Street Tile Set by chasersgaming


license CC0;


Spring Jam lOCKDOWN.zip 23 MB

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