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The Streets are filled with Thugs and Hooligans. Some out for there own gain, some maybe hired to keep your player at bay from reaching his destination.  Save your girlfriend? Save the presidents daughter? or maybe you just want to kick some ass! Hopefully this Tile Set will work nicely as a location for your project. :)

Inspired by games such as 'Double Dragon' and 'Streets of Rage' all brought to you in my usual 8bit fashion!

These assets have been created using a Master System colour palette and keep within the limitations of a Master System so you can create a genuine looking retro game.

Sheets available in the download can be tiled 8x8, 16x16 in 128x128 canvas, or a full sprite sheet.

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Thanks and Enjoy! :)

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Tags16x16, 2D, 8-Bit, 8x8, Beat 'em up, brawler, master-system, tile-set


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do you have a version where the different sprites are broken up into different images

If so pls send a link.

not sure what you mean? But this is the only version/s

What's the chances I could get you to do some tile work for a game project I'm working for a retro 8 bit system?

hi, what 8 bit retro system? I am quite busy with other stuff at the moment, so not sure I can do a timeframe or set date to complete, but il be more than happy to have a go for you when I have some time. You can email me your request and il do what I can when I can. :)

Tandy Color Computer 3.   I tried to find your email and couldn't find it.  I'll try again

I can't find your email on your profile.  Do you mind giving it here?  Otherwise you can email me paul.g.thayer@gmail.com

Email sent to you mate.:)