RPG Assets (NES)

It certainly has been an eye opener this month. Working within the limitations of a NES system has been troublesome but at the same time an absolute delight. I have learnt so much working within the tools i have been using to create these assets, and to now have a bit of knowledge on the NES sytem itself has giving much things for thought. When i first did a NES version it was nothing more than a few colour changes which 'mimic' those NES style looks, but now these assets are the real thing! there is nothing here that mimics anything, this has been genuine made with the core limitations of NES system. Nametables, Attributions which are needed to actually code these assets into a game have been worked with on these assets thanks to the NESST tool, which is used amongst Homebrew developers creating games for the actual console itself. Im really pleased how these came out and going forward from here it just adds another level  use of my assets, because i will now release the files for use not just for the indie dev communitys, but the homebrew communitys aswell. i hope they will be useful. :)


NES Tileset 1.zip 6 kB
Feb 17, 2018

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